How can I book your staff for my event?

In order to book staff for your event, simply call our booking line at 646.302.4987, email us at victoria@victoryeventstaffing.com or use our booking page found on our website (victoryeventstaffing.com)

How far in advance should I place my order?

While we are sometimes able to staff events on short notice, we encourage you to contact us at least ten days in advance to ensure the availability of our wait staff.

How much staff should I hire?

Staffing greatly depends on the style of the event you are planning. Feel free to consult with us at 646.302.4987 and one of our Event Coordinators will help guide you.

How much time should I allow for set-up?

On average, our wait staff will need approximately 1.5 hours, before your event starts to set up a cocktail reception and 2 hours for a plated meal or the set up of a buffet. Please allow at least 1 hour following the event for break down.

How much trainings does your staff have?

We hire people with strong referrals and recommendations, as well as, conduct training programs to ensure that our staff has a well rounded understanding of their job requirements.

Does your staff need our directions or can we just turn the party over to them?

Our staff is fully equipped with the skills necessary to run your event from start to finish. Should your schedule be more complicated, you can book our staff captains and they will take all and any actions off of your hands

Should I tip the wait staff after the party?

Tipping is not necessary or expected, but it is always appreciated. If you feel like giving a tip to your staff, you can always do it directly or through the company to your greatest convenience.

What should I do, if my event runs longer than was expected and I need wait staff for additional hours?

Our typical quote is based on a 5 hour minimum reservation. However, you reserve the right to hold wait staff for additional time following the event as long as the staff is notified and agrees to the extension. Standard rates per hour apply.

Does your company provide insurance for your workers?

Yes, we have Worker’s Compensation Insurance and General Liability Insurance.