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When it comes time to hire the best service staff in the New York area, look no further than Victory Event Staffing Agency. We are a team of next-level service professionals proudly serving clients throughout NYC and nearby locations, including Brooklyn, Long Island and New Jersey. Our family of professionals includes servers, captains, bartenders, maître d’s, hosts/hostesses, coatroom attendants, restroom attendants, chefs and more. We understand that the success of your event depends on the service your guests experience, and work behind the scenes to make your party, luncheon or special event an unforgettable experience. We pride ourselves on providing the highest-quality professionals in the service industry.

A Full-Service Event Staffing Organization

 Victory Event Staffing Agency offers quality personnel for every possible type of service position. From experienced, energetic and personable mixologists to prompt, courteous and attentive servers to trained chefs, we provide a comprehensive and hassle-free staffing experience. Our team works with seamless cooperation and precision to make sure your guests are happy, entertained and satisfied. We are experienced and trained for service at both kosher and non-kosher events, and can’t wait to put our skills and dedication to service to work for you and your family, friends or colleagues.

The Not-So-Little Things

Perhaps what sets us apart most from other NYC event staffing agencies is our emphasis on detail and guest satisfaction. We believe that things like an empty glass in the hand of a partygoer are unacceptable, and work hard to ensure that your guests are never left hanging. Although we are conveniently located in the heart of Brooklyn, we are committed to serving customers as far as fifty miles from our headquarters, including Long Island and surrounding areas. Contact our management to inquire about our additional service locations at (646) 302 – 4987. We look forward to hearing from you.

A Customized Service Experience

Our event staffing agency understands how difficult it is to even plan a party, much less make sure it runs smoothly. You have enough to worry about with organizing guest lists, hiring vendors, securing the venue and all the other logistics that come with organizing an event. We are determined to help you with the minute-to-minute responsibilities and provide the best possible service to you and your guests. This also means making sure you have what you need, regardless of the request. We can prepare a full range of menus, and while our professionals typically wear a standard black tuxedo, white or black button down and black tie, we are fully prepared accommodate other attire requests.


Experience best-in-class service staffing in the NYC, Brooklyn and Long Island areas. Call Victory Event Staffing Agency at (646) 302 – 4987.

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