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Victory Event Staffing Staffing Agency connects clients with experienced, qualified and reliable service professionals for their parties, events and gatherings. Our mission is to ensure our clients’ guests are taken care of and that their events go off without a hitch. We are a Brooklyn-based staffing agency operating exclusively in the service industry. Our full roster of best-in-class service personnel includes maître d’s, servers, captains, bartenders, chefs, hosts/hostesses and bathroom and coat-check room attendants.

Victory Event Staffing Agency provides next-level service professionals to clients planning parties and events. Unlike many temporary staffing agencies, we focus solely on the service industry and offer a full roster of qualified professionals experienced in every area of the service landscape, including servers and captains, hosts and hostesses, chefs, bartenders and coatroom and restroom attendants. Our mission is simple: giving our clients the personnel they need to provide guests at their parties and events with the best possible service. We proudly serve clients in all industries throughout the NYC community.

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Planning a holiday party for your office? Want to throw your parents or loved ones an unforgettable anniversary bash? Looking to organize a corporate fundraiser with just the right amount of class and comfort? Victory Event Staffing Agency is here to help. No matter what the occasion, we are at your service to make sure that it goes off without a hitch and that your guests are comfortable and taken care of for the duration. We take our commitment to service very seriously and hire only the most experienced and motivated candidates. Whether you need a bartender for a small and intimate gathering or a full-service crew for a large event, we are determined to make sure your event goes off flawlessly. Call us today.

The not so little things

Perhaps what sets us apart most from other NYC event staffing agencies is our emphasis on detail and guest satisfaction. We believe that things like an empty glass in the hand of a partygoer are unacceptable, and work hard to ensure that your guests are never left hanging. Although we are conveniently located in the heart of Brooklyn, we are committed to serving customers as far as fifty miles from our headquarters, including Long Island and surrounding areas.

Featuring an entire team of qualified professionals, including servers, captains, chefs, bathroom/coatroom attendants, bartenders and maître d’s, Victory Event Staffing agency is your best service staffing option in the New York City area. Each one of our professionals is thoroughly vetted and stringently screened to ensure you and your guests get the best and most service-oriented staff for your gathering. Our success as an NYC service staffing agency hangs solely on the quality of our professionals. We treat our promises and obligations to our clients with the utmost seriousness and are determined to make your party or event an unforgettable and completely successful experience. We are available seven days a week to answer your questions.

Let Victory Event Staffing help you hire waiters for a party. When you’re throwing a party, it can be very easy to bogged down in logistics and planning. Between coordinating vendors, planning a menu, narrowing down a guest list, selecting music and everything else, the process can simply be overwhelming. When the day finally comes, you should be able to enjoy yourself and the company of your guests without having to worry about whether or not everyone is being taken care of. Victory Event Staffing Agency lets you hire waiters for your party with peace of mind, assurance and certainty.

The importance of quality service

When you’re organizing an important event, the last thing you should have to worry about is whether or not the service staff are going to be friendly and attentive to your guests. Nevertheless, an encounter with a rude or disinterested waiter or bartender can taint the entire evening. At Victory Event Staffing Agency, we understand that poor service can lead to lasting memories, and work hard to ensure your guests leave remembering the event, itself; not the poor-quality service. Consider us your partner for the evening. We are ready to work with you to make sure your event is the best and most comfortable it could possibly be.

If you find yourself asking: “Are there any service staffing agencies near me?” let Victory Event Staffing Agency help. Every party or gathering deserves the best possible chance to succeed. This chance often depends on the service and food at the event. Many event organizers and party coordinators may not be aware that they can have quality service at their event without having to spread themselves too thin. They often convince themselves that they have to take on every aspect of the party, thinking: “There are simply no qualified service staffing agencies near me.” If you live in the NYC area, Victory Event Staffing agency is here to put these doubts to bed and give you the service professionals your party deserves.

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