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At Victory Event Staffing Agency, we know that no matter how matter small or inconsequential a job may seem, it still has the potential to make an impact on your event. The last thing you want is for potential donors at your fundraiser or executives at your company party remembering “that event when the bartender was rude to them” or “that night where they had to wait hours for table-service.” Our event staff has the energy, skills and experience to make sure your event is memorable for the right reasons, and we are fully prepared to be your service partner, no matter what your needs may be.

Victory Event Staffing Agency offers custom-tailored solutions based on our clients’ specifications. Our staff work in traditional tuxedos with white or black button-down shirts and a black tie; however, we can certainly accommodate custom wardrobe requests and are available for Kosher and non-Kosher events. Whether you’re organizing a party for work, a big family reunion, a charity function or anything else, our service professionals are here to help you make sure it’s a fun and fulfilling experience.

Whether you’re looking for experienced and qualified waiters for hire or just need a bartender for your next cocktail fundraiser, Victory Event Staffing Agency is ready to help. Our primary goal is to ensure that your guests are comfortable and taken care of so they can remember your party for the right reasons, not because of poor service. We understand the incredible amount of work you put into planning a party, and strive to help you execute your plan through exemplary cuisine, prompt and courteous service and unmatched hospitality. Let us take some of the responsibility off of you by providing peace of mind and best-in-class service.

Our people make the difference

The quality of our services begins and ends with our people. We take our commitment to our clients very seriously and recruit only the most experienced and qualified applicants. Whether you need one or two servers for a smaller party or a full-scale event staff, our team members will provide the same level of service. Although we are located in Brooklyn, we proudly serve clients throughout New York, including Brooklyn and Long Island. We even serve clients in New Jersey. We can even travel to clients anywhere within 50 miles of our Brooklyn location. Our team members are courteous, prompt and professional, and understand the importance of exemplary service, no matter what the task.

Victory Event Staffing Agency offers quality personnel for every possible type of service position. From experienced, energetic and personable mixologists to prompt, courteous and attentive servers to trained chefs, we provide a comprehensive and hassle-free staffing experience. Our team works with seamless cooperation and precision to make sure your guests are happy, entertained and satisfied. We are experienced and trained for service at both kosher and non-kosher events, and can’t wait to put our skills and dedication to service to work for you and your family, friends or colleagues.

Our event staffing agency understands how difficult it is to even plan a party, much less make sure it runs smoothly. You have enough to worry about with organizing guest lists, hiring vendors, securing the venue and all the other logistics that come with organizing an event. We are determined to help you with the minute-to-minute responsibilities and provide the best possible service to you and your guests. This also means making sure you have what you need, regardless of the request. We can prepare a full range of menus, and while our professionals typically wear a standard black tuxedo, white or black button down and black tie, we are fully prepared accommodate other attire requests.

A higher standard of quality and service

Any staffing agency survives by the quality of its personnel. Victory Event Staffing Agency knows that if we send you employees that aren’t the right fit for your needs, there’s a significant chance that your event can be negatively impacted. Each one of our candidates is extensively screened and assessed so we know that they’re right for our clients and our agency. We assess their experience professionalism, attitude and commitment to service in order to select the most highly qualified professionals. Our team works in seamless cooperation, both behind the scenes and in the front of the house, to give your guests the satisfaction and service they deserve.

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